Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So...All the tunes for the new album are laid out... Still don't have a clue about song order, but at least we've got all tracks on a working pallet.

The sessions have been shipped to studios all over the world in order to get the specific sounds of certain players. For example, the drums for "Lift Me Up" were recorded in Tokyo, background vocals in "Let Go" and "Once in a While" were done in NY, some of the bass tracks performed in a Vermont hotel room, and currently (as I type) some secondary guitars are being tracked in Nashville by my good friend and talented guitarist Johnny Shortridge. Just wait until you hear the incredible (and edible) sonic tones that guy gets out of his amps. This album is keeping "" in business!

The majority of my work lately has been at DTM studios in Hollywood, FL- sometimes I feel as though I should just set up a cot right by the mixing board so I can save gas money...

Its nuts to think I was just breaking ground on the album about a year and a half ago. I started out thinking, "Eh, I'll just make another EP of a few tunes to get out there on iTunes...ya know..light productions." Little did I know I was 19 months away from where I am today- neck deep in tracks and open pro-tools sessions.

This album showcases the work and artistry from Grammy nominees (Dan Geary), Grammy winners (Charles Dye), vocal legends (Vanese Thomas), and up-and-coming talented producers (Dave Torre, Josip Vilicic). I'm proud of it and can't wait until you're jammin' out to it on your iPods.

Although its been costly ($$$) journey, I'd be a fool to write that I didn't learn a thing or two. From dealing with studio players to choosing the right arrangements to long distance writing sessions, its all been extremely valuable to my development as an artist.

Furthermore, aside from the many tedious processes (i.e. layering harmonies,writing out lead sheets, executing acoustic guitar tracks, stretching my vocals to the limit, lining up drums and bass, and mixing) there is no way to describe the astonishing feeling that I'm overcome by when a final mix is finished.

"Crazy Ways" is slated to hit the streets in Winter of 2010 and we've got some great ideas for the albums packaging and artwork.
I've began preparing the liner notes for the album and I'm not at all shocked that there are roughly 500 people I've thanked... SO FAR...

Thank you for your love and support.


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