Sunday, March 28, 2010

Home sweet home...

After spending a few months in and around Florida (playing 39 shows since Jan. 2nd), I'm back up here, based in NY until mid-summer. The game-plan is play 15 shows in April, fly back to FL for SunFest (May 1st), and then right back up to play another 25 shows throughout the northeast. And lemme tell ya- I miss playing with my band terribly already, but (as I've blogged in the past) there's many aspects of playing solo that I thoroughly enjoy as well- I guess I just have to keep reminding myself.
As I rarely watch TV, I flipped on the tube earlier and got immersed in a documentary of Woodstock in '69... So powerful! No pyrotechnics. No laser lights display. No merchandise tents. Just music. Pure, emotional, forceful, beautiful music. Richie Havens and Joe Cocker put on such amazing performances that I felt lucky to watch 40+ years later. Granted, they probably would have gotten poor scores from Simon, Ellen, Randy, and Kara, but their connection with the ocean of participants was awe-inspiring! Today's concert go'ers (with our short little attention spans) expect so much more. Who changed more- The musicians or the listeners? Where did the authenticity go? Is it still out there? Is there even a market for it?

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